A step-by-step guide to getting your dental injuries sorted without having to worry about the cost…

Sometimes accidents happen. That’s a fact. 

It’s also true that there are a multitude of ways to injure the teeth and mouth. From knocked out canines to loosened molars; chipped, cracked or broken incisors to punctured mouth tissue and beyond, man’s ability to injure the oral cavity seems limited only by his imagination. 

Luckily, in New Zealand such accidents are often covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation, or ACC, (a Crown entity responsible for administering our country’s universal no-fault accidental injury). Everyone in New Zealand is covered by the scheme.

What kind of things does the ACC cover? 

In terms of dentistry, ACC covers things like sporting injuries and general accidents, as well as injuries that have arisen as the result of other medical treatments. 

What’s not covered? 

ACC does not pay for pre-existing or underlying medical conditions that aren’t the result of an injury already covered. Things like general wear-and-tear aren’t covered. 

I’m injured, what do I do? 

ACC recommends that your dentist or other health provider should always be your first call. They’ll book you in and get your injury treated. Simply Dental is an ACC-accredited dental practice. Make a booking here.   

How do I make an ACC claim?

We’ve got has all the forms you need to fill out at the Simply Dental office. Once you’re treated and have completed the necessary forms, we make the claim on your behalf.

How will I know if my claim is approved?

If the ACC approves your claim, they’ll send you a letter to let you know, usually within a week. If you’re not covered, they’ll let you know why. 

Under certain circumstances ACC will only cover part of the claim and you’ll have to pay the rest. View this flow chart to see what categories of dental treatments the ACC is likely to pay for. 

Are there any hidden fees?

Some health providers charge fees for ACC consultations, but Simply Dental doesn’t. There are no surcharge costs on visits approved by ACC. 

What if I need further financial support? 

The ACC can provide further recovery support. Click here to find out more. 

Who can I ask questions to?

Us! We do this all the time and can walk you through the process. Call us on 0800123343 or use our contact form to touch base.